The Science Experiment Continues

In my last article, I whined about jamming a month’s worth of apparel into my carry on. However, can I do? What about a backpack? What about just a backpack which was initially meant to accompany a continue? Well, we will find out, because Lufthansa dropped my luggage. How could this be, you wonder? Isn’t the purpose of an carry on you carry it on into the airplane so it is always near you? Wonder no more, because I’m likely to inform you.

When I discovered that my connecting flight had been changed because of snow in Frankfurt, I envisioned a few inches of wet slush. Jetways are not ensured in Frankfort. Sometimes you need to walk from the airplane down steep metal stairsinto a bus which drives you to a doorway in which you find yet more stairs, and even if you’re fortunate, a working escalator. Carrying 26 pounds, also backpack, through all which was not an attractive prospect. So, I checked explained tote. But just to Frankfort. I’m no fool. What if the snow was so poor I was trapped overnight in Frankfort? I would definitely want my jammies.

I was feeling pretty good about my choice as I walked down the stairs and onto the bus (yep, no jetway– although maybe not much rain), but these feelings quickly evaporated as I saw bag after luggage arrive. Not one of these being mine. How could you lose a purse that got onto a plane in Newark, which landed in Frankfort? The record of life’s mysteries just got one thing longer.

Here Is What instantly went through my jet in my mind:

  • Great thing I purchased travel insurance policy
  • For once in my life, I’ve got a comprehensive record of everything my luggage contained. Who knew blogging could be so very helpful?
  • Everything which is not easily replaced is within my backpack: my iPad, iPhone, chargers, camera, passport, money and bank cards
  • I’m so glad I just checked the luggage through to Frankfort, because when Lufthansa shifted my flight they put me onto TAP Portugal. Could you imagine what a nightmare that it might have been attempting to find out which airline was responsible for losing my luggage? I know Lufthansa is accountable, and more importantly, so do they.
  • Let us find out how I do on this challenge. I just have the clothes that I’m wearing without a toiletries. Snacks and also a flight pillow aren’t all that helpful today, but the Motrin may come in handy.
  • Will my Amazon Prime work for deliveries in Portugal?

The lineup for customer service at Lufthansa was amazingly brief. When I asked the rep about the probability my bag would be discovered the same afternoon, she said it was slender. Therefore, since I was just likely to be in Lisbon one single night, I gave her the address of my hotel in Beja. She said they’d call and email me with all updates.

So what small pearls of wisdom can I talk from my science experiment?

  • Lisbon has amazing malls, along with the staff there actually HELP you, that was significant in figuring out my dimension. I didn’t have enough time or the ability to test things on. In Italy, I was curious to learn just “molto grosso” fit; at Argentina, it was “muy grande”. In Lisbon, I was “medium”.
  • I didn’t have to know Portuguese to translate this hint. Bet you can find it out too.
  • That I CAN get by with one change of underwear, just not THIS one…
  • A tee shirt remains perfect for sleeping, just like in school
  • Next time, put an adapter in my backpack. Luckily, the email had an electronic store, but you can’t always count on this, plus they aren’t inexpensive — $20 or roughly $25 for a simple model.
  • My toiletry principles are toothpaste (the hotel gave me a very small tubing but it tasted horrible), deodorant, a comb and brush
  • Shampoo works nice because laundry detergent
  • Though my panties was perfectly dry by morning, my top was not. Wrapping it in a towel did NOT function. I tried the hair drier, but it kept switching off after a couple of minutes. The front desk explained it was a “security feature” to keep it from overheating. Great thing I kept the plastic bag from my buying extravaganza for my moist top.
  • Not many hotels provide osmosis. It’s prudent to read labels so that you do not put body lotion in your hair
  • Conditioner DOES make a distinction
  • In the future, avoid Frankfort airport. The gate for the flight to Lisbon changed THREE times.
  • Losing luggage caused my adrenaline to kick in. I managed to go without sleep for more than 40 hours then wake up totally jet lag. Despite that joyful side effect, I do NOT recommend you willingly repeat this experimentation.

Bet you’re perched on the border of your recliner, wondering how a saga ends? How long does our heroine need to wear the same corduroy trousers and Keen sandals with jeans? Are her air-cooled, memory foam Sketchers gone?

The great news? I received an email Saturday at 6 PM telling me the bag had arrived at Lisbon. The bad news? There was not any means for me to get in touch with the courier to inform them to bring it to my Lisbon hotel. No phone number, no email address. The courier promised that EVENTUALLY it will make its way into Beja. I guess I can persist for a few more days with what I’ve.


It’s ALL good. My bag arrived in Beja until I did. Not only that, but it was awaiting me in my room, so I didn’t need to carry it up a flight of stairs within this elevator deprived hotel.

Lufthansa has not mentioned any compensation for delayed luggage, however I’ve saved my receipts, and so far they owe me $99.90, roughly $125. Travel Insurance would cover up to $100, but I’m likely to telephone Lufthansa customer service to ask where I have to send my receipts along with how long before I’m reimbursed.