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The bathroom can be considered the hub of cleanliness in any home. It should have the correct type of flooring that can withstand the wet condition often associated with the bathroom. Texture, aesthetics, durability, and cost are some of the commonalities to have in mind when picking a bathroom flooring. And since water is the common denominator is all bathroom, so renovate your bathroom floor with quality tiles. Below are five flooring options that can be ideal for the bathroom.

1. Natural Stone
If you are thinking more along the line of a rustic feel, then consider using natural stone tiles. You will get a timeless look that can last a lifetime. The stones have varied unique textures, patterns, and tones that make an excellent choice when remodeling the bathroom flooring.

2. Porcelain
Porcelain should be on top of the list of what to use is you are thinking of installing tiles. Porcelain has a tough exterior with excellent resistance to water, staining, bacteria, and odours. The tiles come in different shapes and textures.

3. Vinyl
Water resistance, a soft feel to the feet, and affordability are three things that work in favor of vinyl flooring. The material comes in a range of colors and styles that make it an ideal option for a “mix and match” styling option that gives the floors some unique taste and personality.

4. Bamboo
Engineered bamboo is yet another ideal option to consider when thinking of wooden bathroom flooring. It costs half the price of hardwood and design to work in wet environments. The flooring is very durable and easy to install.

5. Cork
Unfinished cork is as close to a wooden bathroom flooring as it can get; it is the ideal option for the eco-conscious homeowner. The material is made from tree bark and has excellent water resistance as well as mold resistance two things that ordinary timber cannot offer.

Choosing the right bathroom flooring is imperative as is the need to hire the right contractor to handle the job. Amtico professional contractor has the skills and knowledge of how to handle the flooring material to ensure you have a floor that lasts long.