Wormy experimentation

This experiment had been an offshoot in my previous experiment in which I wanted to create an easy following formation rather than the circular one that arc needed.

This specific experiment was odd because I didn’t really have a clear aim in mind. I had been attempting to address a specific geometry problem. One iteration directed to another which resulted in the following. The end result was only a cleanup of the iterations so that you may observe the inner workings. I needed to veto an name it something more professional like although my fiancee wanted to mention it colon .

I am slowly learning about html5, and I am finally at a point where I could express a number of these ideas I had with flash and processing. The truth is that it would not be possible without a number of their open source. With this particular experiment, I utilize , , seb’s vector course and needed help in mr elstob.

Variant 01
Variant 02
Variant 03
Variant 04
Variant 05
Variant 06
Variant 07
Variant 08
Variant 09
Variant 10
Variant 11
Variant 12
Variant 13
Variant 14
Variant 15
Variant 16
Variant 17

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